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YouTube Feature “Chapters” is Being Permanently Implemented!

A new feature, “Chapters” was introduced by YouTube sometime ago. This feature allows the viewers to easily navigate a video. It was announced by YouTube on its Twitter. After seeing the awesome feedback by the viewers, YouTube is fully implementing it.

About YouTube Video “Chapters”

When you are watching a video and you want to go to a specific part, you have to scrub through many wrong parts. For example, I want to hear the catchphrase of a song and to do that, I’ll need to scrub through the whole video to find it.

With Chapters, the video is already divided into multiple segments. I can just click on a segment and go to a point in the video. It is very convenient if we compare it to the current way.

You’ll have timestamps which will be in the description of the video. However, these will only be shown if the creator allows them and creates timestamps. Also, for implementation, there should be at least 3 chapters with a minimum length of 10 seconds. This feature is coming for web, iOS, and Android.

YouTube is releasing this feature for everyone on 28th May, 2020, according to Engadget. Also, there could be some new features that this platform could test and implement in the near future. For now, Chapters is pretty awesome!

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