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Xbox Series X Release to Happen in November 2020!

Gamers have been waiting to hear any news about the release of next-gen consoles. From the start, it’s just been holiday 2020. However, Microsoft has given a little bit of relief on the release of Xbox Series X. According to Xbox Wire, the release is happening in November 2020. Since, Halo is now delayed to 2021, this might be just what we all needed.

It’s kinda great too that we are not seeing the new Xbox being delayed.

Some New Xbox Series X Release Details

Price for the console isn’t known yet. However, we will be finding out pretty soon. There is no exact release date as of now but some leaks suggest that it is going to be November 6, 2020. Now that Halo Infinite is not releasing this year, people were down. The reason for this was that it was expected to release along with Xbox Series X.

However, Xbox has assured fans that there will be a lot of games. To be more accurate, there will be 1000s of titles spanning from over 4 generations. Also, 100s of them will be optimized for Xbox Series X. Xbox has always been very transparent about their games running on next-gen platforms. It will be good to see some fan-favorite games on Xbox Series X.

Also, Xbox Series S has also sort of leaked. This happened when a Xbox controller’s box stated that it works on both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

I will keep you updated with anything relate to the release of Xbox and its price.

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