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WWE 2K Battlegrounds: A New Experience for WWE Fans

Since, 2K has announced that another big WWE game will not be coming, 2K is not planning to disappoint the fans. They will be releasing another game. The upcoming game will be called WWE 2K Battlegrounds. 2K describe it as a unique and new experience for WWE fans.

About WWE 2K Battlegrounds

Now, this is a WWE game. That means, the game will be a wrestling game. However, it will be an arcade-style game. Saber Interactive are developing this upcoming game. They were the ones behind NBA 2K Playgrounds 2. The new WWE game will give a similar feel to the players.

Some very popular wrestlers are going to show up in the game. WWE 2K Battlegrounds will have The Rock and Steve Austin! They will have some very cool moves.

Here is the teaser for the new WWE game.

Release Date

The game is going to release during the last quarter of 2020. However, there is no announcement regarding the release platforms. Besides that, 2K is yet to announced the price for the game. Will it have a AAA price or not? We will find the answer to this soon.

Details on WWE 2K21

The company has confirmed that 2K21 will not be releasing this year. The series was going well, however, 2K20 did not do well among the fans. With that in mind, 2K are really making an effort to make 2K21, perfect. Their main focus for it, is on the quality and fun. The developers will be taking it slow to make the game much better. That is why, it will release sometime next year.

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2K stated that they want the developers to make a game which will provide everyone with fun. The fans of the series should be able to enjoy the WWE games.

What else?

Patrick Gilmore, gaming industry veteran, will be heading the development of the game. He will become a part of Visual Concept to make the game better for the fans. He left Amazon to come here. Currently, Orange County are developing the upcoming LOTR game and also another MMO called ‘New World’.

2K said that they are hoping this news will really create excitement among the fans. Besides that, they seem pretty confident regarding the upcoming games.

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