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Windows 10X is Coming for Single Screen Devices Soon

It has been finally confirmed that Windows 10X is coming. Microsoft made an announcement. The new windows will be available on single-screen devices. The new Windows is for providing people with flexibility. Panos Panay said that it will take advantage of the cloud to give the users everything they need to work and play.

The Release

There is no such announcement as to when Windows 10X will be available on devices such as Laptops. Besides this, dual-screen devices are not really seeing any announcement for their new upgrade either. However, as stated by Microsoft, the new Windows will be available on single-screen devices before dual-screen devices. They will work on this and bring it to these devices as soon as its ready.

Why single-screen devices?

The reason for launching Windows 10X on single-screen devices is mainly because of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. Microsoft has noticed that the time spent on using Windows 10 increases around 75% each year. During the lockdowns, people are using laptops and computers more than they are using their smartphones.

The new Windows 10X has a lot of features. It has a beautiful and simplified look and at the same time it gives a modern feel. Microsoft is working on the new Windows and upgrading the UI and UX. This will allow users to multitask more efficiently. Besides this, it will make quick access to settings, much easier.

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Windows 10X on dual-screen device

The company is yet to tell people about the features and improvements, Windows 10X will have. They have talked about the UI and UX, and making it accessible. However, they are yet to talk about the actual features.

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Maybe during the Build developers conference, there will be more announcements regarding the upcoming Windows. Of course, Microsoft will talk more on it because they are making a lot of changes to their plans because of coronavirus.

Microsoft was really focusing on bring the new Windows on dual-screen devices first. However, because of the virus, they are going ahead with releasing it on laptops, PCs, etc. The tech giant is yet to announce the new Windows. However, for dual-screen devices, the release will happen after 2020.

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