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Why Superman & Lois is the Best Depiction of Superman

Do you like to watch a lot of tv series? Do you like superheroes? Do you like Superman? If yes then it is very likely that you will absolutely love this show. Airing on The CW, the first season will soon come to an end and it has already been renewed for a second season. Instead of giving a hundred different reasons as to why you should watch Superman & Lois, I’ll give you only one and talk about it briefly.

The Reason: The Family Dynamic

I didn’t write this because of Fast & Furious even though all I could think about was “Family”. However, this is the real reason because that is what the show is about. Superman & Lois have two sons and the family isn’t perfect. Clark feels that he’s losing his family because he is not there for them. He is Superman after all, a paragon of hope. He moves the family to Smallville to fix everything. Does that mean his family hates him? No. There is so much love and affection between the family that it will make a Stock market trader cry.

Is Superman & Lois only family drama? 

This does not mean that it is exclusively a family drama. Lois Lane is fierce and brave while Superman saves the world every day in his own way. That’s what the show is about. It is not only about Superman but also his sons and his wife. It does not shy away from showing beautiful sights and adrenaline filling fight scenes.

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After all, Superman & Lois Lane are two very important people who carry the burden of saving the world.

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Watch the show and you will know. It is okay if you haven’t watched The Flash, Arrow, or Legends of Tomorrow. You can still get into it. Here is the trailer for you to watch.

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