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White Collar Might Get its Well-Deserved Revival as Teased by the Creator

The creator of White Collar Jeff Eastin recently teased that the show might come back. Both Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay will resume playing their characters. The first season of the show premiered back in 2009. It had 6 successful seasons before it ended. However, the final season only had six episodes.

During the final episode, we saw Neal had faked his death and escaped to Paris. He did this in order to get away from the cops and to finally have his freedom. However, he left a very special goodbye to partner/FBI Agent, Peter, a message saying that he is alive.

White Collar is coming back!

Jeff went on his twitter and shared a very special picture. That picture was of Neal’s fedora that actually brought a small trend with it. He took it out of the storage and said that the character should now come back. Both Matt and Tim gave a positive reply to the post and were happy to come back.

Matt Bomer aka Neal Caffrey was really happy and just replied, “Let’s do it!”. He also said that he would love to be back before he gets old and won’t be able to pull off the fedora. Soon after that, Tim DeKay joined the conversation and said that he is on board but then he continued this as a joke. However, he agreed with Jeff and Matt for the return.

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White Collar brought a new pace. Instead of just being a normal detective-drama, we got to see Detective-Conman relationship. This combination played really well among the audience. The two main actors, Matt and Tim, really pulled off their characters. You get to see their relationship cultivate over time. It was one of those tv shows that became more emotional and addictive as you watched.

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As soon as the news was announced, fans got excited. The cast showed their excitement. Seeing so much positivity from the actors also made it better. However, it will take a long time before the series will return. The quarantine will also pause the decisions and the production itself will take some time. Till then, all of you can watch the show’s six seasons.

TheNewsCave will keep you updated on the revival status for the show.

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