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Watchmen Season 2 Release Date, Cast, and Other Info

Watchmen came out last year. It shocked everyone and people are hoping for Watchmen Season 2. However, there is a chance that it is not coming. Damon Lindelof is the creator of the show. We have covered everything that you need to know about the second season, if it ever happens.

Renewal Status

Before the show came out, Damon stated that Watchmen will just be a single-season series. Also, the show was supposed to have one season and that’s it. However, that is changing because the viewers are loving the first season. Even the critics liked it very much. HBO, seeing the response, could renew the show for a season two. Hopefully, they will make Watchmen season 2 for the fans.

Release Date for Watchmen Season 2

Even though, the show’s second season is not official, it could still happen. If it does, it will release somewhere in 2021. Firstly, the show’s renewal status is hanging on a thread. Secondly, the ongoing pandemic will make it hard to produce another season and release it in 2020. Hence, we will see the season 2 in 2021, if it happens.

Cast Details

Watchmen season 2 will see the return of some cast members from season one. The official cast details are not out for the public. However, we can expect to see some of them return on TV. For example, Regina King, Tim Blake Nelson, and Jean Smart could be back as Sister Night, Looking Glass, and Laurie Blake.

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Possible Watchmen Season 2 cast members

Also, we can expect to see Jeremy Irons and Louis Gossett Jr. as Adrian Veidt and Hooded Justice. We will know about the remaining cast members after the casting details come out for public.

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Also, there has been no information about the plot of the second season. HBO never intended to make another season and it may not happen even now. If season 2 happens and a trailer comes out, we will update this article.

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