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Watch NASA Mars Perseverance Rover Launch Here!

It hasn’t been a long time since NASA and SpaceX launched Falcon 9 into space. Now, you can watch NASA Mars Perseverance rover launch. It is happening at 4:50 AM PDT. You can watch it live during NASA’s livestream which is available below.

ULA Atlas V is the rocket carrying the Perseverance rover. It will take it to Mars during the journey which will take some time. It is expected to reach Mars in February 2021.

Details on Mars Perseverance Rover

This isn’t just another normal rover, it weights 2,260-lb and will go through the planet to study the atmosphere and the geologic makeup. Besides this, it is well-equipped with multiple sensors to find out if there were any organic life on the planet. It has 19 cameras which will send high quality images back to earth.

The rover is able to traverse more everyday than the other rovers before it could. It even has Ingenuity, a helicopter drone. With this rover, the human kind will have the opportunity to take a step forward into space. How? The rover has MOXIE. It is a piece of machinery capable to creating oxygen from carbon dioxide that’s found in Mars.

Also, the rover will be able to send a few samples of the surroundings of Mars. If done correctly, some soil samples of Mars will come back to earth to be studies. It’ll happen through the canisters which will be left by the rover. A retrieval landerwill collect these canisters in the future.

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If successful, it will lead to a lot of new discoveries that will help us move further into space. Watch NASA Mars Perseverance Rover Launch below!

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