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WandaVision: Marvel Studio Artist Shares Hi-Res WandaVision Concept Art

People have been really excited for WandaVision along with several other upcoming TV shows by Marvel. After the Saga ended last year with Avengers: Endgame. Marvel teased the fans with their Phase 4. Excitement reached its peak when they announced several TV shows which will be releasing on Disney Plus. Besides this, it would really expand the whole superhero universe to another level.

When the show was announced, it did not instantly hit the limelight. However, as Marvel gave the fans a reason to be excited during Superbowl.

Andy Park, who is an artist at Marvel Studios shared an image recently. It had been known to people before but this one is a hi-res version of that concept art. Now, Marvel has been really secretive about WandaVision and other TV shows since their announcement. All the plot details have been kept tightly under wraps. However, some details are known, for example, the show will be connected to the upcoming Doctor Strange movie.

Let’s talk about the concept art now. We can see the two heading to the 20th century and a whole lot more. The concept art focuses more on Wanda and Vision. The biggest surprise is that Vision is looking very much human in the concept art. By the way, Vision looks quite handsome.

The television has a red glow coming out of it. Red basically belongs to Wanda in the Marvel Universe. However, it could also mean something more. Also, the show seems to be a lot like a sitcom from the looks of it. This is something very new for Marvel and it is making us and many fans, very excited.

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