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Valorant Skin Creation Requires a Lot of Work! Here’s How Riot Does it

I am sure that while playing Valorant, you sometimes stop for a second to look at your beautiful weapon skin. Have you ever wondered about how it is made? Well, Riot just revealed their thought process behind the Valorant Skin.

The Foundation for Valorant Skin

Before even thinking about the skins, the teams at Riot follow a set of common rules for these skins. Firstly, they make these skins in consideration that the player is seeing them from a first-person perspective. Secondly, they consider the fact that these are not going to be paid skins. Also, they consider that others will see that skin from a third-person perspective.

The Thought Process

The artists and the teams try to answer some very important questions. For example, who is this for? After that, they start to think about the different ideas for the skins. It could be anything that will inspire them and set off the chain of artistic thoughts.

After that, the groups who like the basic idea, think about how to make it a reality. They try to connect that idea for a Valorant Skins to different questions. For example, the materials of the weapon, the reaction of the player to that skin, etc. When they answer these questions and like them, they proceed to work on that idea.

The Creation

Now, the idea starts to become a reality. The artists start making concepts for the weapon. Out of the different concepts, one is selected. The modelling of begins considering the game and the limitations associated with it. They follow the foundation rules while doing the modelling.

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The process of animation happens with considering that the game should not feel different. The players should be able to handle the gun like the way they want and it should not be affected by that skin. If a skin fits with the gameplay without affecting it at all, the creation process moves further. However, sometimes, the rules can be changed if needed.

The teams also consider that Valorant Skin should not affect the core game experience. The skins and animations must look cool but a player should not get distracted because of it.

Audio of the skins and animations are created in such a way that it does affect a player’s ability to hear a sound of something close to them. For example, an enemy is approaching you but the sound from your weapon makes you unable to hear that enemy. The teams at Riot consider this and make the skins accordingly.

Soon, the testing phase begins where the designers test these Valorant skin and animation in the maps with the characters. They can also hire others to test their new skins, animations, maps, and more.

In the end, they release that skin and see the reaction of the players. They allow players to give feedback to make the game better and try not to repeat the mistake in the future.

I hope this summary helped you out.

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