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Valorant Battle Pass Details Including Images of New Gun Skins!

After a couple of months, people who could not play the beta, are now able to play the game. Also, the first-ever Valorant battle pass is looking impressive. With the new playable character and a new map, the future looks bright. Though, the battle pass only gives cosmetic items, it shows that it is like every other game.

You can unlock some cosmetic items if you just play the game and earn XP. You can do this until you get to the 50th tier. The theme for Valorant is that it is divided into multiple episodes. Riot Games will release each episode every couple of months. The first episode is “Ignition”.

Details on Valorant Battle Pass

You should know that there are 12 gun skins. Besides this, the final skin left to unlock is a really cool knife skin. If you want to upgrade your weapon skins, you get 130 Radianite Points if you buy the battle pass. The cost of the Valorant Battle Pass is 1000 Valorant points.

Valorant Battle Pass knife skin
Photo: Riot Games


If you are unable to buy the battle pass or just don’t want to, don’t you worry. You can still get sprays and the weapon skins by just playing the game. You also get the XP for the battle pass in case you decide to buy it.

With the new season coming, we are also getting a new playable character and a map based on Venice. Reyna, the new character/agent, is able to collect soul orbs after she kills another player. With these soul orbs, players can either use it to get full HP with 50 armor or they become invulnerable for a couple of seconds. Don’t worry about the invulnerability because Reyna won’t be able to shoot during that time.

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