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Transformers: Paramount Pictures Officially Revealed the Release Date for the Upcoming Movie and Much More!

Recently, Deadline reported that Paramount Pictures have finally found a release date for the Upcoming Transformers. The next live-action movie from the franchise will be releasing on June 24,2022.

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Paramount is actually creating two scripts for movies in the Transformer universe. One of these movies is the Transformers movie from the franchise. On the other hand, they are also writing on a movie which is an inspiration from Bumblebee. Bumblebee released back in December 2018. It has been quite a long time since its release. Besides that, Joby Harold, executive producer of John Wick 3, is working on the upcoming project.

The other movie will have James Vanderbilt as an important personality. Some reports suggest that this project will be related to Beast Wars. However, it is not yet confirmed which one will be part of the production at all.

It was recently found that Paramount Animation are actually working with eOne Studio. They will be making a prequel of the Transformer franchise. The movie will be an animation of our favorite robots. Some reports suggest that its main focus will be on the relationship between Megatron and Optimus Prime. It might take place on Cybertron, the planet which is just lifeless now. The world where the Autobots and Decepticons once lived.

It was also reported that there is a animated series under production. Polygon Pictures and Rooster Teeth are working together to produce it. This animated series will also show the viewers what happened on Cybertron. The war that destroyed the planet and the lore from the movie franchise will be combined to make this series. The animated series will release on Netflix, most probably this year. Netflix might be working on two series right now. I really want to see Autobots and Decepticons, especially after Bumblebee.

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