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Titans Season 3: New Release Date, Story, and Other Information

Titans season 3 was supposed to release during fall 2020. However, the production never began and it was ultimately stopped due to COVID-19. According to Akiva Goldsman, the co-creator of the show, said that they will start the production as soon as possible.

The fans want to see another season after the end of the season two. Besides this, Akiva knows about the excitement and they will start the production after it is safe to do so.

Release date of Titans season 3

The show’s third season was originally supposed to release during the fall. However, we can expect to see season three next year. Hopefully, the production will begin in June or July.

During an interview will Collider, Akiva stated that they are planning to start the production after the quarantine ends. He said that production for every show and movie is not happening right now.

Story for Titans season 3

Akiva Goldsman said that the story for season three is already ready. He is also working on another TV series called ‘Ringword’. You should read the novel; it is really good.

Coming to the point, Akiva is keeping the story under the wraps. However, there are some things which the fans can expect. Firstly, we will see that Raven has returned. She won’t be with the team in the first episode. Batman could return as well because fans would love to see him. He is a small part of the show if we talk about his on-screen time. However, he is playing a major role because nearly all the superheroes look up to him.

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Blackfire, the villain of Titans season 3

With the death of Deathstroke, we will see a new villain. At the end of season 2, Blackfire came to earth and that could mean, she is the villain. We could also see Starfire being freed from the burdens of her past.

Not just this, Batgirl could be in season 3. There could be some more characters who will either side with the Titans or go against them.

The writers and producers will have the opportunity to perfect the story for Titans season 3. This time-off will allow them to focus on the show and season 3 could turn out to be better than we had hoped.

If there are any updates on the show, you’ll find them here.

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