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Thor: Love and Thunder Plot Details and Valkyrie’s Crush

Valkyrie’s first appearance was in Thor: Ragnarok. Fans were wondering if she and Thor will get together. However, that is not what is going to happen in the upcoming movie. There is some new Thor: Love and Thunder plot information that you must know.

New Thor: Love and Thunder Plot Details

We all know that Jane Foster will be the Lady Thor. She will have a major role in Love and Thunder. She is going to be the one who will take on the mantle of wielding Mjolnir. Well, she could turn out to be more than that. We Got This Covered reported that Valkyrie will have a crush on Jane Foster.

This will be a one-sided crush but who knows what Taika Waititi can do. Thor: Love and Thunder plot is already seeing some changes.

Besides this, Jamie Alexander aka Lady Sif could also have an important role to play in the movie. She is going to have a role on the upcoming Disney+ show, Loki. There is news that she could turn to the Dark Side in the future. She will be a good character but jealousy will be her end.

There could be some plans to bring Thor’s sister on the big screen. Besides this, the upcoming Thor would connect to the major superhero movies. This was confirmed for Doctor Strange 2 as well. Also, Heimdall is going to return for the upcoming movie and we could not be more excited.

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Korg is going to be in the movie too. We will learn more about his origins. Loki could also come back because there are some teases which hint that Tom Hiddleston will come back.

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Thor: Love and Thunder is going to release on 11th February 2022. We can’t wait to see Natalie Portman playing the role of Jane Foster aka Lady Thor. It will be good to see Chris Hemsworth again after Extraction.

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