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The Rookie Season 2 Finale Review: The Chase Keeps You on the Edge

Warning: This review contains spoilers from The Rookie season 2 finale.

First off, I would like to appreciate the acting of the cast. They did really good during the whole season.

Let’s get into it.

The season finale was divided into two episodes.

Short summary of the final episodes

The 19th episode started with a chase where an officer was killed. The murderer was a high-ranking gang member named Serj. The murderer escapes but leaves his gun in the car. John bags the weapons, however, it goes missing from the evidence box. Lopez finds out that it was another officer, Erin Cole, who took the gun. They chase to find Cole begins. Later, the officer tries to kill herself but Nolan gives her a way out by telling the names of those who were involved. She speaks, “Armstrong” and then Armstrong kills her.

It was believed by everyone that she saw Armstrong, said his name, and was going to shoot him. Nolan, on the other hand, finds out that she said the name before actually seeing him.

Armstrong from The Rookie season 2 finale

The 20th episode begins with Nolan trying to convince Nyla that Armstrong is dirty and works for the Derian family. They try to find evidence through different ways. However, they are unsuccessful. Finally, Nolan decides to break into Armstrong’s house and nearly gets caught.

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Soon, Armstrong asks Nolan to come to his house. Armstrong admits to him that he is working for the Derians. However, he explains that he had to pay his wife’s medical bills and was in crippling debt. Meanwhile, Serj is caught. Armstrong tells Nolan that he is going to frame Nolan and has planted evidence in his house. Serj tells Grey that John Nolan is the mole.

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Nolan runs to his house to find the evidence. The episode ends with Nolan finding a huge stash of money and evidence while the sound of sirens is in the background.

My Opinion on The Rookie season 2 finale

Like all the other episodes, this one also keeps you at the edge of your seat. However, this is one is just way too intense. The final twist really got to me. Firstly, the characters were perfectly positioned. While Lopez and West were trying to locate Serj, Nolan and Harper were trying to find evidence on Armstrong.

Armstrong, on the other hand, knew exactly about what was happening around him. He planned to frame Nolan from the start. I have loved the show because of the intense moments and the season finale was filled with that. I forgot to drink my coffee while watching the last episode.

Nathan Fillion was on-point throughout the episode and kept me engaged. I would like to point out that some characters could have been more involved in the episode to make it even more exciting. Nonetheless, the episode was a great success according to me.

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I can’t wait to find out what happens to John Nolan and Armstrong.

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