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The Matrix 4: Shutdown After the Movie had Only 4 Weeks of Production

The Matrix 4 had started its filming four weeks before it had to shut down. This happened because of the ongoing pandemic. Like many other movies, this was also in the middle of shooting before the coronavirus began to rapidly spread. The studio had to stop the filming until everything is normal. Keanu will come back as Neo. The plot for the movie remains secret until the producers and director are ready.

The Plan

John Wick 4 and The Matrix 4 were actually release around the same timeframe in 2021. Keanu was supposed to finish his scenes for Matrix and then start the production for John Wick. However, that quickly ended after the production for both movies had to be stopped.

Besides this, The Batman suffered even more than Keanu’s movies. Its production had started before John Wick and Matrix.

The good thing about The Matrix 4 is that it will have many effects. This means that the production teams will be able to work on the movie from their homes. However, the work will be slow as compared to what could have been. Avatar 2 is doing the same thing as it is also going heavy on the visual effects. If the makers do it well, they could allow the movie to release on-time without changing its release date. It could possibly change but fans will be able to watch it before most movies.

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The Matrix 4 may or may not be into production. However, John Wick 4 will require Keanu to be there. There are virtual effects but most of the movie requires physical presence. Many movies which were going to initially release during 2021 will get delayed. For instance, Jurassic World: Dominion has been delayed. This also happened because of the ongoing pandemic.

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However, these delays will help the movie industry. Since, many highly anticipated movies were going to release in 2021, the crisis caused them to move further. This will allow the studios to carefully change their releases and profit more. The release will be on very different dates and it will allow the studios to have more viewers on the ready.

If we have more updates, we will surely share them with you.

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