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The Last of Us 2 Video Series Started by PlayStation. Here is the Schedule

Firstly, The Last of Us 2 is on our special list for quite a while. The release is coming very soon on June 19th. Since, it will be happening soon, PlayStation has started a weekly video series for the game. They will be releasing videos every week.

The videos are going to have no spoilers. The first video explores the story, the characters and much more.

The first video from this series is already out. You can watch it below. For the remaining videos, here are the dates for their release.

May 20th: Inside the Gameplay

May 27th: Inside the Details

June 3rd: Inside the World

About The Last of Us 2

The Last of Us was a huge success for Sony and Naughty Dog. The reviews were nothing but positive. The game has a huge following and a lot of people are pre-ordering the game. The Last of Us 2 will have many new characters. Also, it will have a bigger and more-detailed world for us to explore.

World of The Last of Us 2

You get to fight humans and non-humans while diving deep into an engaging story. We truly hope that this game will bring joy and happiness amidst these difficult times. The trailers for the game have certainly done that. The release is coming close and we will know more about the game as the time passes. That is what we are expecting for The Last of Us 2.

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You can also go ahead and watch the Unreal Engine 5 trailer here. Psss…the demo shown in the game is not a real game but it can be played.

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