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The Last of Us 2 has 60+ In-Game Settings!

We were already waiting for The Last of Us 2 and now the wait is coming to an end. The game offers so much, from perfect graphics to perfect gameplay. However, there are some really awesome things that you should know. According to the PlayStation Blog, The Last of Us 2 has 60+ in-game settings. Now, you can read all the setting from the above link. However, I will tell you about some very interesting ones.

After playing a truckload of games, I have not seen so many important settings in a game.

Some Really Cool Settings in The Last of Us 2

Apply Vision Accessibility Preset

This setting allows players who are blind or have a really weak eyesight to play the game with ease. After enabling this setting, there will be combat and traversal cues, high contrast display, text-to-speech, and more. Better listening sounds and cues will allow the player to understand who or what, is making the sound and where is it coming from.

There are two more presets like the one above. They are hearing and motor accessibility presets. These will enable options for those who are deaf, disabled, or have some mobility issues.

Enabling these will make the game much more interactive for such players. Character names in the subtitles, vibration cues during combat, awareness indicators (read about this one below).

Those who are colorblind will have the option the color schemes of the HUD.

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These presets have a ton of options and you can read about most of them in the PlayStation Blog.

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You can Change the Control Scheme

Ah, this is a great one. In The Last of Us 2, you will be able to change what the buttons do. If you want to jump with X instead of O, you can do that from here. These setting will allow you to change and use the buttons as per your convenience.

You will be able to change everything or if you want to change specific controls, you can. For example, you will be able to change the boat controls. Also, you can have custom control schemes and rename them. The Last of Us 2 settings allow multiple changes in the control schemes.

Image of The Last of Us 2 settings which allow player to change control scheme
Image Credit: PlayStation Blog

Navigation Settings

I told you about the Enhanced Listening Mode. This will allow you to listen and see prompts for the environment and combat sounds. With this setting, the player will be able to scan for items and enemies near them.

Another setting is Travel Assistance, it will make climbing and vaulting over objects automatic. According to the PS Blog, the player will start to sprint automatically with this setting, during certain situations.

Some options allow you to breath indefinitely when underwater and skip any puzzle during the game.

Some ‘Special’ Settings (More like cheats)

If you are having some trouble in a certain situation, you can use options such as, Reduced Enemy Perception or Accuracy, slow motion, and more. I would consider these as cheats; however, it could help someone who is stuck or annoyed at a certain part in the game.

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A Few More Helpful Settings

You can change the difficulty setting for resources, specifically. For example, if you want more ammunition, you can change it in the options. Finally, you’ll be able to change the FoV, Camera Distance, and more.

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I just listed out some settings, which I loved. You can read about all of them, on the PlayStation Blog. I think we should commend Naughty Dog for making the game much more interactive for every gamer.

The Last of Us 2 is releasing on June 19, 2020.

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