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Supernatural Final Seven Episodes to Air Starting October 8

Well, there is so much happening in the virtual world but there is one thing no one forgets. Supernatural is coming to an end and it was supposed to happen earlier. However, Supernatural final seven episodes never saw the light after the production was stopped in March. The final two episodes were still left to be filmed but now that’s started. Both Jensen and Jared have flown in to film the two episodes.

When will the Supernatural final seven episodes start airing?

As per the info released, the episodes will start to air from October 8th, 2020. Also, the series finale is happening on November 19th, 2020. Both of these months are going to be more emotional than we thought.

Here is some good news for you. Jensen Ackles is going to play the role of Soldier Boy in The Boys Season 3. He has confirmed this on Instagram. He was trending on number eight on Twitter because of it.

Hopefully, Supernatural will have a great ending. It is one of the few long-running shows and the longest-running on The CW. Do keep an open mind for the end of the story of Sam and Dean Winchester.

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