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Spider-Man: Miles Morales Gameplay Info Revealed!

In a recent video, a few important new details were revealed by Insomniac Games about Spider-Man: Miles Morales gameplay. We are seeing the developers of these games making short videos. Besides this, a video on Horizon: Forbidden West is out. Spider-Man is coming to PS5 in Holiday 2020.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Gameplay Details

We know that this time, we will play as Miles Morales. However, Peter Parker will be there to train him. According to the PlayStation Blog, the games takes place after a year from the story of Marvel’s Spider-Man. It is not just one man seeking to take over New York anymore. An energy corp. and another criminal army are seeking control. Miles will stop this war and save his city.

The upcoming Spider-Man will have a new story with new villains. During the 2-minute video, we get to know that Miles has special powers. Two of these powers have been showcased. One is venom strike and the other is invisibility. You can see both of these in the trailer below.

As you heard in the trailer, Miles is very new to all of this. Insomniac Games will make you feel that he is new. Besides this, he is young and has his own style for swinging and combat. As you saw, we can say that it will be fun to swing around the city as Miles. Also, being a rookie Spider-Man, Miles is not very confident. For example, you will see him not being able to swing with full confidence. This will be true for the start of the games. Maybe, by the end, he will become better.

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Another Spider-Man: Miles Morales gameplay detail is that Insomniac is utilizing the power of PS5. For example, super-quick loading, Haptic Feedback for DualSense Controller, and much more.

However, do not think that Peter Parker’s story is over. According to Insomniac Games, there is much more left for Peter Parker’s story.

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