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SpaceX Successfully Sent its First Humans to Space and Made History!

Today is a very big day for everyone, especially SpaceX and NASA. SpaceX has created history by sending Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken to space. This was also a demonstration because when the astronauts successfully come back home, SpaceX’s spacecraft will be able to go into space once again.

SpaceX sends humans to space after many decades

Now that the rocket has successfully launched from America, it is good to know that NASA won’t need to go to other countries to do this anymore.

Also, this spacecraft is automatic. It will bring the astronauts home safe and sound through its automated systems. Once the spacecraft docks at ISS, the two astronauts will go inside. Now, their exact stay is unknown, however, it is somewhere between 6 to 16 weeks.

Hurley and Behnken will have important roles at the space station and will provide much needed help. After NASA is ready to bring the two astronauts, home, the automated system will kick-off again. Hurley and Behnken will climb aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon and leave the space station. Besides this, when the spacecraft enters the atmosphere, it will open the parachutes and control the landing to reach the Atlantic Ocean safely. SpaceX will recover the capsule and the astronauts will be back on-land.

Also, in the future, SpaceX will allow people to pay and go to space on Crew Dragon. Of course, we can expect the charges to be very high but its great to see that we are entering a new phase in our future.

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