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SpaceX Double Fairing Catch Successful, Says Elon Musk

After the success of Falcon 9 launch, SpaceX double fairing catch is also successful. SpaceX wants to send and bring back rockets like every other organization. However, the difference here is that they want to use reuse rockets. This will result in less investment and less time-consumed. Falcon 9 launch was a total success and now we are waiting to see the two astronauts come back safely.

About the SpaceX Double Fairing Catch

Previously, Elon Musk said that the parts cost around $6 million. SpaceX has reused some part. He said that it will be much more cheaper if they could get the parts undamaged during the fall.

This is a very big achievement and SpaceX will continue to achieve even more. SpaceX caught the two halves of their nosecone fairing. This was confirmed by Elon Musk himself in a tweet. There are pics of this moment as you can see above and you can take a lot at Elon’s tweet too. SpaceX caught a half in 2019 and they caught both of them, this year.

It provides confidence to everyone about SpaceX’s ability to safely bring back the astronauts thorough their ship, itself. Also, the location where SpaceX is working on some of its projects is really good. It is near the sea which provides easy retrieval of the spacecrafts.

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