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SpaceX and NASA Share Image of New Spacesuits for the Dragon Crew!

The awesome humans are going to the orbit are wearing new spacesuits. I wanted to write dresses but the amount of functionality would make me look like an idiot. Today is a historic day for mankind. To make it even more special, SpaceX and NASA went ahead and showed us the new spacesuits.

Features of the new SpaceX and NASA suits

SpaceX and NASA collaborated to create these new spacesuits. The astronauts are going to wear them for the first time. By the way, the astronauts are Bob Behnken and Dough Hurley. These are the two lucky astronauts who are going to help mankind to move further.

The new spacesuits are flame and impact-resistant. The astronauts will be able to use their radio and mics like they normally would. Besides this, they will be able to use the comms and climate control from their suits.

As for the oxygen, it will be supplied through one cable which is connected to the spacecraft, itself. The ease of these suits is something that makes it unique. The astronaut just has to plug it in and let it go.

The gloves provide ease with using the touchscreen to control the functions of the spacecraft.

Firstly, these new suits are not completely different from the normal spacesuits. These were created to provide protection during the launch phase. When a rocket launches, the temperature increases a lot and later, the vacuum also poses as a problem for a small period of time. This new spacesuit will provide more protection for this. Also, the spacesuits are kinda unique. SpaceX and NASA are going to test the suits today.

This is a great achievement. To make these suits, it took SpaceX and NASA around 5 years.

If you want to watch the rocket launch, you can go ahead and do it here.

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