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Some Sony PlayStation Games Will Come to PC!

Well, this year has been nothing but sad moments and a lot of pain. With the death of so many impactful people and 100s of thousand other beautiful individuals, 2020 has been a let-down. However, for the gaming industry, we are seeing some wonderful additions and so much more right from our homes. Some Sony PlayStation games are going to come to PC. This doesn’t mean that all games will become available on PC over time.

Already Available Sony PlayStation Games

Horizon Zero Dawn, a wonderfully created PS4 exclusive, is already available on PC. Same with Death Stranding. We know that Death Stranding was already announced for PC but Horizon Zero Dawn was not.

Sony’s latest corporate report says that first-party exclusives will come to PC. It shows a lot of statistics. The most important stat that the report shows is the estimated loss. It amounts to approx. $876.3 million during this time.

Sony always focuses on bringing more exclusives. The same will happen to PS5. However, if these games come to PC, don’t expect it to happen right after their release on the upcoming next-gen console. Most probably, they will release it a year or two after its release on the PS5.ps

For now, let’s wait for the new consoles to release and I’ll keep you updated on this.

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