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Some Post-Apocalyptic Games to Play During Quarantine

Right now, everyone’s life is in shambles. You might be doing many things or maybe you are just bored. Well, here is something that might help you pass the time right now. Here are some games for you to play during quarantine. Stay Safe!

The Fallout Series

Okay, so to just give a quick lookie, here is what you need to know. A nuclear fallout literally brings the apocalypse and the whole human population does not survive. However, bunkers were created for people. With the help of those, many people survived. Now, coming to the gameplay, all the games are awesome, except F 76.

You can create and customize your own character. You have a vast open world to go into and you get to choose what to do. The fallout series is known for its environment, characters, choices and much more. There is so much to do in the games. There are 4 official games for PC which have single player. You don’t have to play the previous ones to get into Fallout 4. Just buy and play it.

Oh, by the way, you get to find different kinds of monsters and there are mini nukes. 😉

Mad Max

It has been some time since the game first released. However, it is still breathtaking. The graphics are nice and so is environment. If you have seen the movie then you know what to expect. You get to fight baddies and drive cars in the open world of Mad Max. Now, let me tell you that the combat mechanics and the car fights are just awesome.

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You can gather up materials and upgrade your car. The story is emotional too. You can take down bases and blow up patrols. You have a special helper too. The post-apocalyptic world really adds to the intense charm of the game.

Days Gone

No list is complete without a game containing zombies. Days Gone has really nice story but what stand it apart from the rest is that it has realistic environment. Even the weather impacts the way you play the game. For instance, if there is snow, your bike will slide and it will be hard to control. You will get spotted less easily. Another awesome thing about the game is that the zombies have really good AI. There are hordes which you have to take down carefully.

The game requires you to be smart but at the same time, you can just have fun. Situations can get intense really quick. However, Days Gone is PS4 exclusive.

The Last of Us

There may be no post-apocalyptic list that is completed without at least a mention of The Last of Us. This video game really kick started the whole zombie theme with its emotional story and intense moment. You get to play as Joel but you are not alone. You are accompanied by a young girl. The story-line really takes you on a journey that is both emotional and intense. Also, there is sequel on the way. The Last of Us is available to be played on PS3 and PS4.

Death Stranding

Okay, this game has been out for not that long. This game is unique in every way possible. You are a porter, a delivery man of a kind. Basically, there are very less humans left after the world of the dead and living were merged. You get to bring deliveries to people and take risks to do so. You have to be smart about it. There are human and dead enemies. The game is really nice with a perfect environment. Also, there is a great emotional story too. You can play this game for hours on end. Also, the rain ages you. However, you are protected but your cargo is not. It is actually one of the best games to play during quarantine.

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