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Serious Sam 4: Thousands of Enemies are Ready to be Destroyed in August 2020

The engaging and destructive action from the Serious Sam series is returning with Serious Sam 4. The first-person action-shooter will be available in August 2020. The exact release date is not out yet but the awesome developers are going to quench your thirst with new gameplay videos.

It has been nearly 10 years since Serious Sam 3 and fans are continuously wondering the future of the series. Well, wonder no more, after the initial announcement, you have a trailer and you have a release timeframe. The only thing that you need now is the game itself.

Devolver has worked really hard to bring you the game, especially during these crucial times. From the two trailers, the game seems to be filled with action and some features from the previous Serious Sam games.

Serious Sam 4 Gameplay

If you want to check out some exclusive gameplay videos of the upcoming game, you can do so on Steam. Also, the game will be out on Google Stadia too after its initial release. However, let us tell you some new stuff.

The Enemies

There is going to be a new range of enemies. For example, the Belcher and the Processed. Some old enemies of our good ol’ Sam are going to pop by in this one too. For example, Werebull, Beheaded Rocketeer, Scrapjack, and a few more.

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Legion System

Also, look at the trailer below and learn about the new feature called “Legion System”. You will be able to fight a more than a thousand enemies. Yes! A thousand enemies against you. They are in for some gory deaths.

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Hey, if you want to buy the previous games in the franchise, they are on discount at Steam. For those who do not know about the Serious Sam games, you can buy these ones to give you a feel of how its going to be with Serious Sam 4.

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