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Scream 5: David Arquette is Back as Dewey Riley

I was looking through Google and researching on some movies and I came across the Scream franchise. Now, this made me think about David Arquette and I found out that he is going to be in Scream 5.

The First Cast Member of Scream 5

David Arquette is the first cast member, according to Deadline. The fifth movie in the franchise is actually not a reboot which most people thought. David is going to come back as Dewey Riley in the movie. He said that he is very excited to reprise his role.

Neve Campbell is also in the spotlight because she could also come back as Sidney Prescott. This shows that the directors want to continue the franchise instead of just rebooting it. However, David is the only one to confirm his role in the movie. We could get some more cast-related news very soon.

Courtney Cox could also come back for Scream 5 (we also want to see her in Friends, please). She and David are separated now. However, they have a daughter who is loved by both of them.

Courtney Cox, who could be a part of Scream 5

Courtney was David’s on-screen wife as well. Hence, it makes sense that we could see her in the upcoming movie.

The production for Scream 5 is going to continue after the current pandemic situation dials down. Besides this, production for other shows and movies is set to continue.

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We are ready to see some horror and mayhem. Are you?

TheNewsCave will keep you updated on any news regarding the movie or the cast. Stay safe.

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