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Richard Herd, ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Seinfeld’ Actor, Passed Away at 87

Richard Herd was known for his many cherished roles in popular TV shows and movies. For example, he played the role of Mr. Wilhelm on Seinfeld, he was also part of Star Trek. Besides these, he appeared in many other shows. Deadline reported that he has passed away due to Cancer complication at the age of 87.

About Richard Herd

If you have watched Seinfeld then you must know Mr. Wilhelm. He was a recurring character on the show and was appreciated by many. Richard Herd showed up in “The Checks”. Personally, that is one of my favorite appearance of Richard on the show.

Richard was also in All the President’s Men. He played the role of James W. McCord Jr. Also, he was in ‘The China Syndrome’. He was in T.J. Hooker, V: The Final Battle, V, Wolf Lake, Star Trek: Renegades, and many more.

For some, you might have seen his face again and again but you did not know his name. However, when you see his image, you can place him in that movie or show. He was a great actor and didn’t hesitate to do small roles. He put effort in his roles which shows his commitment.

According to IMDB, Richard Herd is credited in around 155 movies and TV shows. Him and his wife were active volunteers and supporters of different organizations. This makes us appreciate him, even more.

Richard was actually in the army. He enlisted during the Korean War. However, he was honourably discharged after he had an injury during his training. His inspiration to act and perform came from his mother. Richard’s father passed away when he was just a young boy.

His wife, Patricia Crowder Herd was the one who announced her husband’s death. Erica, Rick, and Alicia, are Richard’s children. 

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