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Quibi Reportedly Converted 8% of its Users After Free Trial

Quibi is a streaming platform and the free trial period for it, is over. Finally, the time came to see how many of these free users would pay for Quibi’s service. According to some reports, the answer comes as down to a low 8%. TechCrunch was given some data by Sensor Tower and here is what they found.

Did Quibi really lose 92% Users?

Sensor Towers estimates that only 8% users out of 910,000 users stuck around after the trial period. However, this is only for the first three days of the streaming service. According to Sensor Tower, Quibi has 4.5 million downloads since 6th April. Disney+ only had a 7-day trial while Quibi had a 3-month long trial.

In those 7 days, around 1 million users paid to get the subscription.

The company is working hard to get its fair share of users and they are not planning to quit. Quibi’s spokesperson says that the data is not accurate. According to them, 5.6 million people downloaded their app. Besides this, they say the conversions are also excellent.

To this, Sensor Tower says that there could be some lack of information because their app might not account for those who downloaded the app twice. Some people lose their phones or change it.

Quibi has a lot of potential and it will be interesting to see what they come up with. They are working on new shows and more. Also, I hope that they invest in digital marketing of the streaming platform. The concept of this app is not very easy to understand for everyone.

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