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Powerpuff Girls Live-Action Series Reportedly Under Development at The CW

If you have seen Powerpuff Girls when you were a kid then you must’ve had a blast. Shows like Dexter’s Laboratory, Pokemon, Beyblade, and so many more kept us on our chairs in the evening and night. Now, you’re going to see a Powerpuff Girls live-action series in the coming future.

In the animated series, we see Bubbles, Buttercup, and Blossom fighting crime and Mojo Jojo. They are a trio of girls who keep their town safe. The show began in 1998 and ended in 2005. However, I got to see it all the time after that on the Cartoon Network. The show’s original created was Craig McCracken.

About Powerpuff Girls Live-Action Series

The CW are the ones who are making the show. According to Variety, the show won’t be about young girls saving the city. Our favorite trio are now full-fledged adults who regret spending so many years of their childhood to fight crime. However, they will get together eventually to save the world again.

It will be great if we see Mojo Jojo in a live-action avatar. Diablo Cody is writing and producing the show. There isn’t much information about the show as of now. There is a good chance that the production hasn’t started or is at a very early stage. Not much info is available on the cast as well.

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