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Play Doom on a Microsoft 95 PC in Minecraft

I know it might be confusing because it seems impossible to play a game in Minecraft. However, VM Computers mod has made it possible to do so. With this mod, players can order some components for PC and build a computer that is able to run on Windows 95 and much more. There are some steps players need to follow to be able to effectively use it. Now, players can play Doom as well.

In Minecraft, players can create a virtual hard drive and install Windows 95 from an ISO file. If this isn’t cool, I don’t know what is.

Play Doom in Minecraft

Well, the world of Minecraft is vast with regards to the players and the world itself. We see them building new and innovative stuff everyday in-game and that’s what is happening here. Someone managed to run Doom on inside Minecraft. There is so much more that will happen as time passes.

Being able to play games and run windows on Minecraft is some next-level op stuff. Someone even said that if you do some experimenting, you can even run Crysis in there.

Play Doom in Minecraft
Credit: u/uDrunkMate on Reddit

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