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Play as Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers but Only on PlayStation

Marvel’s Avengers is slowly reaching the peak level of hype. To increase that a lot more, Crystal Dynamics recently announced that players will be able to play as Spider-Man next year and do a lot of things. He’ll be totally free for the players. Though, there is a small catch.

Spider-Man will only be available for PlayStation players. PlayStation blog said that he will be a PlayStation exclusive.

Play as Spider-Man but Only on PlayStation? Here are the Reactions

Though, the devs are working hard on Spidey and are making him the best version they possibly can. This news isn’t sitting right with the community. Gamers are divided with the news. Some are really excited while some think that taking such a huge piece of content away from all the other player isn’t right.

According to the community, Spider-Man is a huge deal and people want to play as him. Also, he is going to be totally free too.

Spider-Man will have a lot of really cool abilities paired with his perfectly-smooth acrobatics. The combat is expected to be smooth and swinging to be graceful.

Hopefully, the developers will address the issues that everyone is having. They don’t need to explain this decision but talking a bit about the reasons for this decision will bring back the gamers.

Marvel’s Avengers is releasing on September 4, 2020 on PC, PS4, Xbox One. It will be out for PS5 and Xbox Series X later.

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