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Pirates of the Caribbean 6: Karen Gillan to be the New Lead After Johnny Depp?

The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has been a very successful journey for Disney. It has also been a long time since the last movie came out. However, after the fiasco that happened a couple of years ago, fans have been waiting to know about the sixth movie. This one will be different as it will have a female actor playing the lead role.

Karen Gillan is being eyed for the role in the movie. She has done really well in Avengers, Guardian of the Galaxy, Jumanji and more. Since, she is already popular among the public, Disney is considering her for the role. However, it is still not known whether deals are final or not. Disney is pretty keen on bringing her into the fold.

There is a character Redd, she is a female pirate. She is part of a Disney Attraction. She meets with the public who are there. If Disney chooses to bring in Karen as Redd, it would totally make sense. Since, she is pretty popular there already, it would be cool. She might also have a companion in the movie.

However, it is difficult to assume anything because Disney is yet to announce officially. They are keeping everything under a tight lid.

Will Johnny Depp be in Pirates of the Caribbean 6?

He could be in the movie but not as the protagonist or a lead. If he is in the movie, it would be for a quickie. Disney wouldn’t want to disappoint fans. However, after the whole fiasco, they might not bring him in. Since, the Pirates of the Caribbean 6 is a reboot, we can assume that Captain Jack Sparrow won’t be in it. This would save the company, a whole lot a money. At the same time, it would disappoint the fans.

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There are many personalities that Disney has considered for the Director. However, they are quite about their decision. Maybe because they have not chosen a director yet.

I will keep you updated about news on the movie.

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