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Ogilvy Used Twitch Streamers to Advertise Burger King and Streamers aren’t Happy

A lot has been happening in the online community especially after the virus. Everyone is trying to cancel everything. However, this time, they might be in the right. Ogilvy just posted a video on their Twitter account. In it, they showed that Burger King was their client and the company used twitch streamers to market the company. Basically, Ogilvy used Twitch streamers.

How did Ogilvy Use Twitch Streamers?

Well, they found the streamers who use text-to-speech in their donations. So, Ogilvy donated $3-$5 and wrote what you can buy with this amount at Burger King. You can see this in the video itself and the reaction of the streamers. The streamers were not sponsored at all and they were used for the marketing of a big brand like Burger King.

After seeing this video on Twitter, streamers are not happy. You can read many comments yourself from very popular streamers. They are feeling used and the biggest fact is that normally, sponsors get a whole lot more money than just $5.

Hopefully, we will see some response from Burger King and Ogilvy soon about their practices. Streamers should get what they should have gotten in the first place but we will see what happens.

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