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No Man’s Sky Gets Crossplay Tomorrow and Much More!

We all know the amount of work Hello Games have put into the game. We already know that No Man’s Sky will come on Xbox Game Pass on 11th June 2020. Now, Hello Games has made another announcement. No Man’s Sky gets crossplay tomorrow!

According to a blog post by Hello Games, they are replacing the network backend. This will allow the players from Xbox One, PS4, and Windows, to play together. The game is going to be free with Xbox Game Pass and will get a huge number of players. However, with this new update, that number of players will certainly increase significantly.

Players can see an icon which will allow them to know about the console of another player. That icon will be the respective console icon of the player.

Part of the update where No Mans Sky gets crossplay in June
Image Credit: Hello Games

No Man’s Sky Gets Crossplay but What Else?

Crossplay is just one part of the update. Now, players will be able to create or invite other players with ease. If you are with another player, you can easily interact and invite them. There is also a special screen where you can manage your friends. Also, in that screen, the friends will be divided into two-parts, Steam Friends and No Man’s Sky Friends. Friends from a different console will be shown in No Man’s Sky Friends.

Another really cool part of the update is that players will have the option to view their full body in VR. Besides this, players will have better hand tracking which is going to enhance the experience.

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No Man’s Sky gets crossplay on 11th June, 2020. You can read the detailed patch notes here. Also, the PlayStation Event is happening tomorrow.

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