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Nerdy Henry Cavill Puts Together a PC and the Internet is Loving it!

If you didn’t know, Henry Cavill is a gamer like me and millions of others. Also, he doesn’t just play gaming, he loves it. That is one of the reasons he wanted to be Geralt of Rivia on Netflix’s Witcher. He played The Witcher and absolutely loved everything about it. Well, now that you know him a bit better, you should see nerdy Henry Cavill putting together a pc.

Video of Henry Cavill Being Awesome

As you just saw, this guy is not just Superman or Geralt, he is awesome. Henry’s fans and the whole gaming community is loving this video. That’s because they see a celebrity like him being so interested and involved in the gaming community. Personally, I loved the video and I have watched it several times.

Also, this video is about Henry and his new pc but it has awesome and appropriate music. Trust me, if you are waiting to watch the video after reading everything then do it quickly.

The video doesn’t look like its sponsored. However, that is not stopping companies to reach out to Henry. For example, if you scroll down in the comments section of the video, you’ll see Nvidia, Razer, Asus, and more appreciating Henry. Not just this, Logitech is offering a brand-new keyboard and mouse to Henry.

Seeing the nerdy Henry Cavill is making me excited for The Witcher season 2. It’ll be like seeing him in a different way for everyone who didn’t know about his relationship with gaming.

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