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Money Heist Theories Speculated by Fans for Season 5

Money Heist has been one of the most successful shows on Netflix. Its latest season gathered over 65 million viewers. Now, Netflix will work on the fifth season for the fans. The story for the show revolves around a special and diverse group of robbers. Besides this, they are guided by a very smart man who is called, The Professor. There are many Money Heist theories out there.

Now, for some spoilers, we have, Nairobi getting shot at the end of season 4. Gandia shot her in cold blood. Fans loved her and everyone just wanted her to survive. Besides that, we saw The Professor had a gun pointed to his head. Will Alicia shoot him or will she join him? These are just some of the questions.

However, during this lockdown, fans have come up with some possible Money Heist theories. Here are some of them.

Team-up between Alicia and The Professor

According to the fans, we might see Alicia joining The Professor. This theory is certainly possible because she would want to take her revenge. Government asked her to take full responsibility for the Rio case. She might help The Professor for this reason.

Main gate will be the exit

Some theories suggest that this is a possibility. Money Heist is not a normal show where banks have tunnels from the Victorian era or some other period. Fans believe that the group will exit from the main gate. They will get together and join the protesters. This is a certainly a possibility.

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Tokyo will be the only survivor

Since Money Heist started, we have seen Tokyo narrating everything. This clearly suggests that might survive the heist. Also, it also suggests that she will be the only one who does. However, this theory may not true. We will only find about it at the end of the show.

Berlin is Alive?

Some theories suggest that Berlin is Alicia’s son. Hence, this could mean that he might be alive and he just faked his death.

Release Date for Season 5

The fifth season will probably release in mid-2021. This is because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. However, we can say that some of these theories might prove to be true in the upcoming season.

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