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Marvel and Johnny Depp Reportedly in Talks to Work Together!

People loved Jack Sparrow but with all the current problems with Depp’s life, he was practically fired from that role. People began to speculate that Johnny’s career in the “big” Hollywood is over. However, there is so many career defining roles that he can do. He’s a very versatile actor with nothing but pure talent. Recently, we are hearing that Marvel and Johnny Depp reportedly might work together.

Which movie(s) might Marvel and Johnny Depp Work Together on?

There are some rumours that there are two roles up for grabs. Johnny can play either one or both of the roles but we are not sure, no one in public is. The first role is of Bounty Hunter. He’ll be the villain in the upcoming Ghost Rider movie. Rumours about superhero movies seem to be true these days. If we are lucky, we could possibly see two legends in one movie fighting against each other.

The other role is Corsair. If he does this role, you will get to see him in Captain Marvel 2. Of course, as a villain.

Johnny Depp is in talks with Marvel but it is not confirmed that he will play these roles. It is certainly a possibility. We will have to wait and see for now.

You don’t need to keep your eyes peeled; I’ll do that for you. I will update this article once more information comes out.

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