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Mark Wahlberg is Facing Backlash on Twitter Because of his Past

There is so much happening around the world. From a deadly pandemic to protests, there is too much going on. For the past week, we have been seeing people supporting the protests including celebrities. Now, Mark Wahlberg is facing backlash after he tweeted about George Floyd. Below is Mark’s tweet.

Why is Mark Wahlberg Facing Backlash?

After his tweet, many people were supportive. However, some brought up a section on Mark’s Wikipedia page. There is a whole section about his Hate Crimes from 3-4 decades ago. According to the section, in 1986, Mark and three of his friends chased three black children. Also, they were throwing rock at them and yelling the n-word to those children. Just a day after that, they harassed other children. See the Wikipedia entry here.

Now, people from Twitter are talking about his past. They are saying that Mark is being supportive, however, he has a past of hate crimes. People are very angry and are going against him on Twitter. Here is what some of people are saying.


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According to the above tweet, we can see that the section’s heading is “Controversy”. It has been changed again to “Racial Incidents”. However, it used to be “Hate Crimes”. However, Mark has not said anything about this situation as of now. On the other hand, Dwayne Johnson is being appreciated for his video.

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