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Logan 2 Fan Trailer: YouTuber Brings Back Wolverine

Billy Crammer is a YouTuber known to create trailers for the fans. He has done some work from Deadpool 3 fan trailer to Avatar 2 fan trailer. Now, he has just released his own version of Logan 2 fan trailer.

Hugh Jackman played Wolverine for the last time in Logan. Fans had to reluctantly say their goodbyes to him as they will never see him again as Wolverine. Nonetheless, it makes you wonder if at the end, Logan somehow survived his ‘inevitable’ death.

Well, Billy created his own version of a trailer for the sequel. Logan 2 fan trailer makes us remember how Hugh turned into the perfect actor for Wolverine from the moment he took the train and joined the MCU. It is a big milestone to be a part of a vast movie universe for more than one and a half decade.

Will Hugh ever come back as Wolverine?

Hugh Jackman, himself, took the out from the series. However, he is excited to have a cameo in another Marvel movie. He is being positive about it and knows that fans would love to see him again.

If a new Wolverine movie happens, we know that it won’t be Hugh but hopefully, Disney will cast someone worthy enough.

There are a lot of delays for the movies that we want to watch. However, it could turn out to be a good thing for all of us.

Here is the Logan 2 fan trailer for you to watch. You can go ahead and give us your opinions on the trailer. Also, do tell us about your expectations for another Wolverine movie.

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