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John Wick Spin-Off TV Show New Details Revealed by the Movie Director

John Wick spin-off TV show was announced in 2017. However, it has not been mentioned ever since then. That is, until Chad Stahelski, director of John Wick, had an interview with Fandom about the show. It has been in development for three years.

What can we expect in the show?

In the interview, he said that it will not be as straightforward as it is in the movies. It will have a much bigger overall plot and will focus more a lot more on the assassins. This time, it will be different because the perspective will be completely different. Also, its name is ‘The Continental’, for now.

In the movies, we would only see John Wick and his journey to become even more badass. However, the showrunners will be taking a completely different approach to the show. We will get to know more about the underworld side of the movies.

John Wick involved in John Wick spin-off

The Characters

In the John Wick spin-off TV show, the characters will be different. However, we would also see some of the characters from the movie and their origins. Besides this, it will be kind of awesome to see the world of John Wick without him being there. Oh wait! Did I say something wrong? Well, Chad also said that our favorite pencil playa’ will have a role to play in the show.

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The Release Date

The John Wick spin-off TV show does not have a release date yet. Jeffrey Hirsch said that the show won’t be released anytime soon. It won’t happen until John Wick 4.

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John Wick 4 will release a whole year later due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It will be releasing in May 2022.

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