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John Wick 4: It is Getting Difficult for the Director to Match Stunts from JW 3

The whole John Wick series has always been about the character, over-the-top action and the plot. We see that as the next movie release in the franchise, they have even better stunt sequences. These are the reasons why fans love the series and watch it. However, Chad Stahelski, the director, told that he is under a lot of pressure with John Wick 4. He keeps thinking about he can’t let the fans down with the action sequences. He wants to make even cooler action scenes but it is getting difficult.

Why is creating more action sequences difficult?

The pressure comes from the fact that the director himself, was a stuntman. He says that his reputation is very good as a stuntman and he does not want to lose that by giving fans something less. He wants to give people more action and certainly upgraded as compared to the previous movies.

Chad is trying to top the action sequences in John Wick 3. However, the movie had awesome scenes and that makes it harder for John Wick 4 to give the fans more action. The insane stunts in the third movie require more thinking.

For the third movie, Chad had many ideas and after implementing them, he made an awesome movie which was loved by everyone. However, he says that he wakes up at night thinking about how he is going to beat the horses from the previous JW. He says that he has many ideas for the fourth movie but has no clue on how to apply them.

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Stahelski also gave some hints about underwater action for the upcoming movie. This would really add something new in the series and make something that no movie has made before. Besides the action, fans also watch the movies because of their stories. That is why, focus on the story is very important.

At the end of John Wick 3, we see that he has been betrayed. His long-time friend shoots him and thinks he died. However, he is alive. Fans can expect that the fourth movie will continue from the ending of the third one. We really want to see more action and even better story for this movie.

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