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Jar Jar Binks Actor is Returning to the Star Wars Universe

We see hate for characters from many movies and TV shows. However, the hate for Jar Jar Binks is something that people never seem to let go. Jar Jar Binks actor aka Ahmed Best is returning to the Star Wars Universe. Though, it won’t be as Jar Jar Binks.

It is okay to hate or not-liking a character but it is just your opinion. Taking that hate and harassing the actor, is something everyone should understand. It is almost the worst thing some fans can do. Most experienced actors are okay with it. However, even they have a limit.

Nonetheless, Ahmed is over it now and is quite excited to return to Star Wars.

How is Jar Jar Binks Actor Coming Back to Star Wars?

Ahmed Best is coming to Star Wars in a new show. The new TV show is Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge. This time, he won’t play Jar Jar Binks. Instead, he will play the role of a Jedi Master. His name will be Kelleran Beq. He will be the host of this kids show. We already know that it won’t matter if it’s a kids show because we’ll be watching it anyway.

Also, he was really surprised when he was asked to come back. He is taking the offer to be a new and different part of the SWU.

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There are some rumours about Jar Jar Binks returning in a new Disney+ show. However, I don’t think that it will happen. With Ahmed Best playing a new character and his surprise, our Gungan “warrior” might not come back.

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Read about the new Star Wars show and Ahmed Best’s reaction here.

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