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Jake Paul’s Statement After Receiving Backlash for Being Filmed During a Looting

Recently, Jake Paul and some of his friends were seen and filmed around a mall in Arizona. That mall was being looted. However, in the video, we never see Jake and his friends actually being an active part in the looting. Nonetheless, the video quickly went viral and a lot of people went on to social media to criticize Jake. Jake Paul’s statement is being circulated.

Jake Paul’s Statement

In his defence, Jake stated that him and his friends were not part of the looting and vandalism. He said that they were trying to film everything and allow people to see what was happening in the city. They were just only filming and were not being a part of the looting.

Instead of just typing out what Jake’s statement is, here is an image of that.

This is Jake Paul's statement

Is his statement true?

According to the people, many questions need some answers. For example, why did Jake go to the locations where looting was happening instead of showing the peaceful protests? If he had gone to the peaceful protests, it would have shown a message that many people are protesting for a real cause instead of those who are opportunists.

David Lee Crow said tweeted that Jake Paul entered his state, however, he wasn’t there to be a part of the peaceful protests. Instead, he just went to the locations where looting was going on. David also said that Jake also bragged about this too.

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Jake Paul may have a valid reason but that is not going to matter. Why? Because footage of looting and vandalism would provide more promotion. People are angry because of this reason too. This fact is offensive to others and it shines a light on these things.

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People are demanding YouTube to take some sort of action against Jake Paul. Here is the video that has made everyone angry.


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