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Is Kim Jong Un Dead? What is Japanese Media Saying?

According to a Japanese magazine, Kim Jong Un is in a “vegetative state”. However, a Hong Kong broadcast network is saying that Kim Jong Un is dead. All of this news started to come after he had a heart surgery recently.

What does the Hong Kong media say?

A vice director at HKSTV said that the North Korean dictator has died. HKSTV is a broadcast network in Hong Kong and they are backed by Beijing. They said this and also stated that this is from a “very solid source”.

This news has been shared all over social media platforms. It first came out on Weibo.

What is the rumour for the cause?

There are many different unconfirmed reports which are linked to some sources. These reports say that there was an operation for a stent insertion and something went wrong. That “something” might be the surgeon’s fault. The reports stated that the surgeon’s hands were shaking.

According to a Japanese magazine, Kim is in a “coma/vegetative state” after his heart surgery.

What is North Korean Media saying about this?

The media in North Korea have not said anything about Kim’s situation at all. Even though, the speculations are being talked about all over the world, North Korea is quiet.

Shukan Gendai stated that Kim Jong Un needed to have a operation that requires a stent to be placed in the body. Besides this, he said that this stent allows blood to continue flowing into and out of the heart.

#KIMJONGUNDEAD was trending even though there was no confirmation regarding all of this. According to Reuters, Some South Korean officials and a Chinese official challenged the reports which stated that Kim’s surgery had went wrong. Besides this, they said that there was no unusual activity in North Korea.

Meanwhile, an official who is connected with United States intelligence said that there was no solid evidence which pointed towards Kim being ill or dead. There was no reason to say that Kim is in this situation without having proof. With time, we will find out whether Kim Jong Un is dead or not.

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