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Horizon: Forbidden West, Spider-Man Miles Morales, PS5 Design, And More Revealed!

WHOA! It is finally happening. From PS5 Design reveal to Horizon: Forbidden West, there were so many reveals. The PS5 event has exceeded all expectations and announced many new titles. Before we talk about some of them individually, I would like to honor Rockstar Games. GTA V is coming to PS5 in 2021. It was released in 2013 on PS3. Also, it is a game that has released on three generations.

Let’s talk about some of these titles revealed!

Horizon: Forbidden West

Though, there were already expectations about its reveal, it is exciting to see it finally happening. Aloy is coming back, to America. New enemies and a whole new world. Besides this, the trailer looks damn beautiful.

The world has beautiful landscapes. For example, Deserts, Rain Forests, Snowy Areas, and so much more. If you want to watch the reveal trailer, you can do it here.

Spider-Man Miles Morales

We did not anticipate this but it happened. Spider-Man was the first game to be revealed during the PS5 event. As you can guess from the title, we will be playing as Miles Morales.

At the start of the trailer, we hear Peter’s voice. It seems something unfortunate happens or maybe Peter just retires. Nonetheless, Miles has the responsibility to protect his city now. Hopefully, we will see this game turn out to be perfect.

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Hitman III

The trilogy ends here. Hitman III will be the final game in the trilogy. The trailer shows Agent 47 doing what he does best. IO Interactive gave us a glimpse of the exciting gameplay. The gameplay shows Agent 47 in Dubai, climbing the tallest building in the world. According to the developers, it will be Agent 47’s most personal story yet. The previous two Hitman games were great.

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Resident Evil 8: Village

The trailer starts with an exciting scene. Suddenly, it becomes more and more intense. We don’t know what it is and what is happening. As it turns out, its Resident Evil 8: Village. The trailer shook me, excited me, and I can’t get over it. Watch the trailer below.

PS5 Design and PS5 Digital Edition

Finally, we get to see the design of PlayStation 5. It is beautiful and it is unique. You can see how it looks from the image at the top. However, Sony did reveal something new with it. PlayStation 5 Digital Edition!

According to me, Digital Edition will require games to be downloaded and played digitally only. However, Sony will reveal more about it. Also, we also see some more reveals with it. For example, a charging station which supports two controllers, a beautiful new headphone, HD Camera, and a Media Remote are coming too.

There were many more reveals and I will be publishing more articles on them. I would also like to appreciate Sony showing many games from small developers. It shows that they are bringing every great dev into the fold.

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Also, it is worth noting that many of these games will be PS5 exclusive.

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