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Halo Infinite Might have Free-to-Play Multiplayer!

Well, since the Halo Infinite gameplay, there have been mixed views about the game. Mostly because some people think that the graphics aren’t up to the mark for next-gen. However, there are many positive comments about it too. Now, the tide is looking to turn towards more positivity. Halo Infinite could have free-to-play multiplayer and run at 120 fps.

People at Twitter are talking about this rumours but this wasn’t just nonsense.

Truth about Halo Infinite Free-to-Play Multiplayer

According to The Verge, Smyths (Irish Version) put up a reference stating “free-to-play multiplayer experience”. However, if you want to see it now, you can’t. That page is gone until this whole thing is announced after some time.

120 fps is one of the best thing I read about the game. We already know that games will run at this fps but it’s good to see a game actually running at it. Though, Xbox is yet to announce this too. Klobrille, a popular twitter user who is popular because of his leaks, said that the devs will offer a battle pass system. Besides this, he says that there will be customization options as well. 343 has said that the game will have customization. However, we are yet to see how much of it we’ll have and at what cost.

Battle pass system is already very popular. For example, Rainbow Six Siege has the system too. It is fairly new but it offers a lot of new things. We’ll just have to wait and see what Halo Infinite will offer the players, even the ones who are not trusting it so far.

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