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Goosebumps TV Series: Another Try at Bringing the Popular Series Back

Neal H. Moritz and Sony Pictures are both thinking about giving a shot to the Goosebumps tv series. Isn’t that awesome? Personally, my childhood was awesome because of this show. At first, Neal teamed up with Sony Picture studio and made not one but two Goosebumps movies. R.L. Stine was the one who started all of this. Now, the books will see the screen once again.

Remembering the Goosebumps 90s show

I can’t forget this show. This time, the viewers will be young and old. The books were already popular before the show came out. However, the show brought popularity to the books once again. People can still remember how scared they used to be because of the show and the books back then. Even though, the show aired back in the 90s, Indians and some other countries got to see it during the 21st century too.

Besides this, we can assume that this time, the show will have a lot more to offer. It has been 25 years and the technology has advanced a lot. It could make the upcoming Goosebumps series even better.

Details on the production

This time, there will be less money constraints. The show might be available on different streaming platforms. This will allow people to watch the show from all over the world.

Goosebumps is one of the shows which deserve a total rehaul. It is a fan favourite and people will surely watch it.

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According to some reports, Caitlin Friedman will be one of the producers for the show. There have been no other details regarding the show. Sony is some of the few big brands in the industry who don’t have their own streaming service. However, the good news is that we will get to see the show. I mean, there are so many streaming platforms out there, and Goosebumps will be really profitable for them. They will make a great amount of money and people will surely pay to watch the show.

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TheNewsCave will keep you updated on the status of the show. If there are more details, you will know about it here.


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