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Google Doodle Games: Coming Back for People Stuck at Home During Quarantine (Updated)

During these hard times, we have to stick together if we want everything to become normal. Agreed, it will take some time but we can do it. Google is fully supporting everyone. We are bored and want to have fun. Awesome news! Google will be doing something special for us during the upcoming two weeks. Google Doodle Games are coming back!

Have you seen these fun games on Google’s homepage? Well, over time, they added different kinds of minigames. People played them for the short moments filled with fun. However, now, Google will be giving us, 10 Doodles. These games will be related to the games which were have been on Google, over the years. Especially, the popular ones.

Google stated that COVID-19 is really making a bad impact on the world and every family. To contribute in helping families, they will launch a throwback Doodle series.

Meanwhile, two of these games have already been released.

For April 27th 2020

‘Coding for Carrots’, it was the first game to be published out of the ten. In 2017, Coding for Carrots came out. The special thing about this was, it was the Logo’s 50th Anniversary. To talk about the game, you have to make commands to tell the rabbit on how to gather corrects. Besides this, the commands are simple and you to create them to advance to the next level.

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For April 28th 2020

‘Cricket’, the second game was came on Google in 2017. The special thing about this one was the ICC Championships Trophy 2017. In this game, you play as cricket. You are a cricket during cricket. Now, let me tell you, this game is so much fun. Go play it and you will see why people really liked it.

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For April 29th 2020

‘Fischinger’, the third game also came out on Google in 2017. The unique thing about this was that it celebrated the birthday of Oskar Fischinger. He was a visual artist and also a filmmaker from the 20s to the 90s. Okay, in this game, you get to click around on dots and when a line passes through them, you hear music. Basically, you get to compose your music. The whole look for this game is retro. I tried it and it is really fun.

Why is Google doing this?

Okay, we all know that they want to help people in being happy. However, they also want to connect people with each other. If you think about it, some of the popular Google Doodle Games were mostly multiplayer. For instance, Loteria had multiplayer where you could play with your friends and strangers or against them. To celebrate Loteria, a Mexican game, Google came up with this new game.

Google can just do this and they will have different people from all over the world, playing these games. Now that they have made Stadia free for the next two months. They are really showing that people can have fun with others at the comfort of their home.

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We will keep you updated for the upcoming games here at TheNewsCave.

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