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Ghost of Tsushima’s Dynamic Weather Changes with Your Playstyle!

People are loving Ghost of Tsushima. They love the story, gameplay, the missions, and everything else. However, there’s one more thing to love about the game that most people didn’t even know. Ghost of Tsushima’s dynamic weather is something you must know and it is really cool. If you have played Infamous: Second Son, you must know that the color of the sky and your clothes change depending on your choices. Well, Ghost of Tsushima is like that but it is more dynamic.

How Does Ghost of Tsushima’s Dynamic Weather Work?

To put it in the simplest way possible, the way you play the game, the weather will change. If you play more as a ghost and use those tactics, you’ll start to see the world around you going dark. Besides this, you will see storms. All of this comes from an interview between Gamespot and Nate Fox.

When you start the game, you are an honorable samurai but you can turn dishonorable depending on how much you play as a ghost. For example, using a lot of stealth and attacking from the shadows.

However, you can choose to not go down the path of a ghost. Also, if you want to change the weather, you can use your flute.

People are loving Ghost of Tsushima. If you haven’t played it yet then give it a go. With so many in-game features and evolving gameplay, Ghost of Tsushima has a lot to offer. You can watch some gameplay videos to learn more about the game before you purchase it. It’s the last PS4 exclusive and this generation is ending with a high-note.

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